Cabling and Support Systems

Support systems can reduce the risk of failure in trees with structural deficiencies and may provide an alternative to removing a tree when certain limbs are a concern.

Some common weaknesses in trees are codominant stems, or “v-crotches” and the presence of long or heavy “overextended limbs.” Codominant stems are structurally weak in comparison to a single stem due to a lack of connective tissue anchoring a stem to the tree trunk and often an inclusion of bark between the stems. We can use lag bolts or “All Thread” to add strength to the weak point and reduce the risk of failure of the stems. Overextended limbs often stretch over structures and can be a safety concern. This can be mitigated by using dynamic support systems that use cable and other material to connect the concerned limb to another point in the tree. These systems allow the tree to move with the wind which helps strengthen, but adds great support when the limb comes under heavy load often from wind or snow.